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€ 84.00

Pantaloncino da mare con lunghezza media in nylon opaco ad asciugatura rapida con stampa fantasia Hawaii.

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Pantaloncino da mare con lunghezza media realizzato in 100% nylon opaco da 90/100 gsm ad asciugatura rapida con stampa fantasia Hawaii. la vita è chiusa da coulisse in elastico e laccio esterno per garantire comfort e vestibilità.


In order to adapt to the changing needs and trends on the streets, as well as to the new fashion, each season, we bring out new Women’s Collection, but of course, without ever losing the basic principles of comfort and coolness for which the Brazilian brand is renowned. Amongst all the new models, you will find everything from the traditional women’s flip flops but with new colours and slim designs, perfect to ensure you keep up with the latest trend, down to other new models with special details, such as the metallic logo or the crystal charms on the strap to give you a more sophisticated look. We also make sure we update our espadrilles and sandals in order to give you that perfect look for every occasion. Turn heads and be a trendsetter by wearing the new Women’s Collection, whilst enjoying the comfort the brand’s exclusive rubber soles provide.

Fashion look

Shock look

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