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Cuore biodegradabile

SupeRRDuck! è un progetto che parla di calore e leggerezza, di nuances decise che colorano l'inverno e di grande versatilità. La capsule, d'ispirazione anni '80, propone modelli corti, bomber, down jacket che sfiorano i fianchi ma anche forme over. La sua caratteristica principale? L'imbottitura in piuma d'anatra 90/10, naturale e sostenibile al 100% perché:


The filling (duck down 90/10) is completely biodegradable. If composted, it turns into natural fertilizer within two to six months. It is pure nature, without chemicals, unlike their synthetic counterparts, such as polyester. Polyester (PES, PET) is a plastic composed mainly of nonrenewable raw materials, such as crude oil and natural gas, which would take 200 to 400 years to fully degrade.


Down filling is a waste product of the food industry and therefore continues its natural cycle.


Garments stuffed with real duck down is much lighter than its polyester counterpart. It would take 200g of synthetic down to achieve the same filling effect and calorific power as 100g of natural down.


An urban heart with a loose fit is the embodiment of the SupeRRDuck! collection, created to combat the cold. Lightweight, super-soft inner padding designed to get through the coldest weeks of the year, conceals a 90/10 biodegradable duck down layer with a fully stitchless tube system that prevents the feathers from escaping, even after prolonged use of the garments.

The collection offers sleeveless down jackets with an over shape, in addition to hip length jackets with super snug sleeves and hoods with a puffy touch. This collection includes garments with geometric shapes capable of protecting the body, while simultaneously enhancing the shape of the figure. Here, every detail is designed to accentuate stylistic continuity: all zippers are totally invisible, there are no external seams, hoods have a wrap-around shape, and buttons are soft touch. The color palette is wide and allows for choices in color block style. and allows for choices in color block style.